What's KN95 respirator mask

Time:2020-05-04 03:39:28

What is a KN95 mask?

The KN95 respirator mask is a commonly used mask that is used in many industrial businesses. Also, the KN95 mask is used by many contractors and those who work around hazard equipment, fumes, powders and gases. The KN95 designation refers to the fact that these masks are able to filter 95% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers. The coronavirus has an average larger size than 0.3 micrometers.

Therefore, you can prevent the transfer of the virus by wearing a KN95 mask. The KN95 mask has been in high demand since the onset of the Covid-19 situation. Therefore, the mask may be difficult to find at many retail locations.

What is the KN95 made of?

TheKN95 respirator maskis made of non-woven fabric on the outer layer. Right behind the outer layer, the KN95 mask has a layer of hot air cotton. The inside layer of the KN95 mask is made of meltblown cloth. The materials make the mask breathable and soft to the touch for the skin. The mask is designed for long-term use and can resist large amounts of dust, particles and other air pollution.

How to test that your KN95 mask is authentic

  • Hold the face mask by the runner bands with the inside or concave part of the mask facing upward.
  • Put about four ounces of water into the concave part of the mask.

With a real mask, the water will not be able to seep through the mask. A counterfeit mask will allow water to seep through all the layers of the mask.

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